The Tears of a Mannequin

I think learning and growing…I mean really growing as a person is like peeling off layers of your skin.
It is a delicate process and as each layer pulls away, you become more sensitive and more vulnerable to the environment.
With the removal of each successive layer, the tenderness and sensitivity increase for your being forever and forevermore.
You become less protected…less flesh…and you have to do all the skinning yourself, every damn bit by bit.
If you pull too much off at once or go to deep before you learn to heal from each effort, you often scar yourself permanently or end up reeling in so much agonizing pain that omniscient fear will grab you and suffocate your ass for however long it feels like toying with you.
It is a delicate process and those around you might wonder why the hell you would even attempt to peel off your own skin…
They like your outer skin and the numbness of its leather. The perfection of a mannequin…smooth…unblemished…pretty.
Why would anyone ruin or disturb such numb beauty and inorganic delusion?
No one wants to look at a mannequin that cries.
Cribb     2014

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