Love vs Sex 32

The Unadulterated and Indisputable Love of True Dominance that Everyone Hates


True dominance does not mean oppressive rule or controlling everything and everyone without mercy or compassion. True dominance means you are the primary force that maintains and perpetuates stability within the pack, group or relationship; it recognizes the true dominance of others and yields to such when appropriate as it pertains to different parameters, environments or sub-subjects. True dominance is similar perhaps to achieving the purest state of Buddhism or Taoism. It recognizes the flow of harmony among all and the natural order which cannot be bastardized without severe consequences for everyone. True dominance does not seek out conflict or physical confrontation, but it also does not tolerate or nurture aggressive or destabilizing behavior from anyone, towards themselves or another, within the “group” because tolerance of such only leads to deconstruction of the individual and ultimately the “group”. If this deconstruction is allowed to take hold in any solid form it will antagonize natural order and pathologically elevate neurotic delusion/perception to a “ruling” force or technique. Neurotic in this sense means being unstable or having an inability to approach situations with an appropriate balancing and stabilizing (when able) response. Often, a true Beta (either sex) is inadvertently “pushed” or “falsely elevated” into believing they must assume the role of Alpha, the true dominant, due to a previous survival glitch in heir psyche or the manipulative control techniques applied to them by previous acquaintances. This will always result in devastation because a true Beta does not have the psyche and drive to serve as Alpha and if they try to do so, they will create constant debilitating anxiety in their existence and they will ultimately infect everyone within their sphere with that same destabilizing anxiety.

It falls to the Alpha to attempt to temper and correct this type of behavior, for if they do not, madness will rule all. This is the tough-fucking -love moment, more so perhaps than any other I know, because the Alpha must act to try and save the “relationship(s)”, but most often as they do so they will become a crucified Christ for their actions…their effort will be rewritten by the unstable surrounding entities because the “preached message” will seem so foreign, so alien and so condescending to those singular or collective surrounding entities, even when this is most definitely not the reality. The tough-fucking-love phase is the key, the damn key to it all and it “ain’t easy”. It takes an enormous amount of energy to “present truly stabilizing forces” to another without under-doing or over-doing it (inducing a fear response), and as I said before, during the whole attempt, the Alpha will be barraged by every weapon available to destabilize him or her. In essence the true dominance must lay down all weapons of counterattack, take barrage after barrage after barrage, and behave as a sacrificial prophet the entire time…..or maybe for the next one-hundred times, or even the next one-thousand times, depending upon the “crowd” and their ability to grow. The job of the Alpha, true dominance, is extremely under-appreciated by the vast majority of people who have no idea how much perpetual tenacious effort, critical objective introspection, and diffuse all encompassing awareness is required to serve in this role.

Instability begets more instability. In opposition, stability catalyzes the formation of further stability in any “group”. To love is to promote the natural order…the natural order of stability and “promoting” on some level does involve assuming control of “things”. But…but…but the overwhelming majority, almost every single hint of that control essence which radiates from a true Alpha, is intense control directed inward at himself or herself, not at those surrounding said person in any way or manner. The odd thing though is that due to the overwhelming rampant instability (neuroses) induced and nurtured by almost the entire society towards all of its members, most people will falsely perceive a true dominance persona as a control freak who wants to over-dominate their life and the lives of others. And to make things worse and more confusing, due to this fore mentioned “societal indoctrination”, implemented in great part by large social organizations (church, corporations, government, social agenda groups, family, etc) as a well masked and cleverly deceptive control device of society, those same members of society as a group or as individuals will be more likely to be drawn to the leadership or guidance of an untrue dominance aka the Neurotic Pseudo-Alpha. Like tends to attract like due to the comfort of familiarity with the known or more specifically, the seemingly known, even when such can be so undeniably devastating. The Neurotic Pseudo-Alpha (NPA) ends up being the “winner” most often, though even they suffer tremendously from their insanity even if the expression is not overt, while everyone else…everyone else is the looser. The true dominant Alpha does not play the “normal” deceptive games employed by the NPA and he or she genuinely focuses not on manipulation per se, but on genuinely strengthening everyone and their cohesion with one another in the natural order. This is much tougher than playing silly games and telling constant untruths to people just to increase your own personal power at their detriment.  

The pattern of accepted leadership by the NPA has become the new norm throughout at least the boundaries of our country. This is why we truly do live in the Matrix. The NPA leadership or guidance is not about truly loving and nurturing a mate or a cause or a community or a nation or the world. It is not. No matter how hard everyone pretends otherwise, and most do quite vehemently, the NPA only weakens and subjugates everyone one in their sphere. The NPA will attempt either consciously or unconsciously on a constant basis to infect every entity (not just the people) within their orbit with virulent neurotic instability. Then they will continue to reinforce this reversal of natural order perpetually as a means for them to remain in power or control. An analogy would be the NPA as a super-duper marketer who is great with exaggerations of the truth and marketing pitches that play on the heartstrings of a consumer to purchase an inferior or even defective product or service while the true Alpha does have the superior product or service of solid, sound, durable quality, but refuses to lie about the product or to hypnotize the customer with distractive techniques to make the sale.             

The pattern of neurotic delusion replacing natural order is currently present in all most every unit of organization including the smallest unit of a two person relationship. That is the norm and it is what men and women have both been taught to expect. So, when a true Alpha enters the equation, he usually becomes common enemy number one because he is so odd and atypical from what everyone has been taught is normal (neurotic delusion across the board). Second, because he or she speaks clear and decisively while everyone else deals in plausible-deniable-unspecific-double speak jargon, the Alpha is assumed to be a constant provocateur for no viable reason. The Alpha, the true dominant ends up having to stand up against almost the whole damn world and he does so only in an effort to actually stabilize that very same world by rescuing it from neurotic delusion and returning it to natural order. Regardless of that fact, the true Alpha is typically shunned and discounted by the world. Instead of choosing to stand with the true Alpha, most people would rather belong to a neurotic and delusional Matrix world and they would prefer to never be awoken.    

True dominance is a very, very rare thing indeed…it has been systematically breed out of humanity and when it has not been breed out enough, it has been systematically destroyed and eliminated in some other subtle and not so subtle ways. Many men and profits and philosophers have written about these forces and many of those people ended up becoming sacrificial lambs just so you and I might hear, really hear and listen to their words. I have personally fought what I believe is the mislabeling and miscategorization of my own efforts and my own character on numerous occasions by many different souls and I believe the primary reason for these misperception is what I have described above in great detail. There is no doubt that these misperceptions regarding me will continue and certainly many will think I am simply an egomaniac or an insane lunatic or a pompous ass. None of that matters, because a true Alpha, the true dominant, cannot change who he is…..he can’t stop, because he is not meant to stop. His principles are not relative. He has always loved you…always, and he always will…and there isn’t a damn thing you can do to change that. Not a damn thing.


Cribb     2014



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