Grinning while Flipping the Switch

Imagine you had been sitting in an electric chair for 44 years and the whole time you were sitting there, you were hyper-aware of your pain and the overwhelming sensation and reality of the insanity and chaos throughout existence. Imagine you could handle all of that, take all of that pain, all of that awareness, and that even though it had scorched you more than most could endure for longer than just a few hours… you had survived because for some unknown and perhaps silly reason, you were a creature of high drive. Imagine, that what really hurt you…what jaggedly tore at your essence and what created the most impenetrable darkness in your universe was that you could see almost everyone else around you sitting voluntarily, even eagerly, in their very own electric chairs….. that was when they were not otherwise occupied with strapping their very own children and their very own animals into the same type of torture device in the most expedient and efficent manner possible… you could see couples grinning at each other as they flipped each others switches to fry one anothers brain and one anothers heart and one anothers soul; all the while making their children watch so they could learn how to embrace such a lifelong infectious existence themselves. Imagine, you were a witness to it all… and you were doing everything in your power to turn off the electricity, but all of those people just kept grinning and grinning and grinning at each other while they flipped and flipped and flipped those switches. Imagine.

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