Love vs Sex 29

My Theory of the Rule of Two in the Female Psyche

After witnessing the behavior of women rather obsessively over the last 43 years of my life in the most analytical and objective fashion that I am capable of, I have become convinced of a theory about their instinctual desires and needs. The manifestation of this theory seems to be primarily mental, but I believe it arises from hormonal seeds and then fulminates in physical behavior.

In short, the average heterosexual woman needs at least two men in her life to satisfy some form of balance in her psyche. Why do I say this?

Well, it begins with the insecurity that is a commonly associated with and well documented within a large portion of the female gender. This insecurity prompts a woman to invest in a Beta-male so that certain criteria of a “relationship” can assuredly be secured to satisfy her ongoing needs. The Beta-male is essentially submissive to the female in almost every way. He serves as her “punching bag” or “sacrificial lamb” in many respects, accepting most, if not all, of her irrational behavior (and we all, both sexes, display irrational behavior on a regular basis as a normal component of life) and his undue share of any of her misdirected or transferred/venting or anxiety induced attacks without any opposition…without providing any type of a balancing or stabilizing (appropriately corrective) force. This (submission) comforts her and it enables her to feel more stable, more justified, and more in control of her “environment”, because she instinctually knows no matter how big of a bitch she accidentally or intentionally becomes, no matter how undeserving of love and respect her behavior falters to, no matter how cruel and selfish the implementation of her given actions at any given (unpredictable) time, that he will always, always be there. He is purely submissive to her. The Beta-male yields almost all control of the relationship and even his own behavior to the female.   

Now, while this satisfies her insecurity (which naturally tends to be more intense in females of higher awareness) in almost every respect, it fails to satisfy many of her other imperative primordial needs. The Beta-male is essentially emasculated by her dominance and sooner or later, she will begin to loathe him for the very same reason she initially invested in him; his submissive countenance. He becomes more of a pet or a puppy and he falls short of being an equal in helping to balance her and in the task of sexually satisfying her. Essentially, he has a weak libido (weakened even more by her dominance) and he loses interest in the pleasures of the flesh with her that every woman desires and needs (or he passively-aggressively, behind her back, cheats on her with other women who are less dominant and emasculating). This sexual depravity or withdrawal is the primary force that drives women (especially those of higher awareness and dominance) to seek a second male companion; the Alpha-male.

The Alpha-male has a high sex drive and he offers almost the complete opposite of the Beta-male to the female psyche. He is assertive, he will balance her statements and actions, he will call her on her own bullshit, he will adequately lead in times of her weakness or need, and he will grab her, throw her down, and sexually satisfy her as she constantly and usually, secretly desires. Dominant females need this because they have a visceral need to breed with the best stock in the species, the Alpha-male. Neurotic females, who are in actuality unstable because they are not truly dominant, but yet have been forced to accept such a role (dominance) against their biological imperative (submission), require this intense sexual experience more so as a distraction or alleviation from the perpetual anxiety they experience from their instability. Most females will look up to the Alpha-male, even if only as a cocky bad boy or cool rock star or an untamed cowboy, as they look down to the Beta-male.

But the Alpha-male presents his own set of challenges for the female psyche. He will refuse to take any of her bullshit and if he is not well-balanced himself, he will also over-dominate the relationship, creating fear and further instability for everyone. He will tell her to go fuck herself if her behavior elicits such a response. His sexual charisma is also highly sought out by most or all of the females in the species, meaning he can easily bail from the relationship, should he chose to, almost at will. And most females will tend to eventually resent this dominance as much as they resent the submissiveness of the Beta-male. Highly insecure females may even be too fearful to even accept a relationship with an Alpha-male and in such instances will probably sabotage the possibility at the earliest opportunity (consciously or subconsciously). Those highly insecure females will also typically form an obsessive-compulsive relationship with their vibrator for the obvious reasons.  

Taking these two scenarios and coupling them with the common traits of manic-depression, anxiety, mood swing/schizophrenic disorders seen in the female gender, it appears likely to me that it is all connected. The mood swings and anxiety serve as the instinctual mechanism and visceral switch to push the female towards the Alpha-man long enough to breed and breed and breed, then short-circuit that relationship and propel the female to the Beta-male who can help her raise the child (created by the Alpha-male) directly and indirectly. After a suitable period of time, the process reverses and she will once again despise her Beta-male helper and need to go get “properly fucked”. The cycle then repeats itself over and over.

I believe this innate behavioral pattern fits into a biological pattern for efficient reproduction of the species. In other words, I believe the whole insane process may be by design and may be programmed within each and every one of us before we take our first breath. I believe proper spiritual development and growth changes these fore-mentioned relationships and leads “souls” away from this more “standard” biological imperative and into upward transcendence, where as I like to say, two souls become one, to become a better two (prolific love making would still occur obsessively in this state…and certainly never abstinence). It would seem this is the eventual goal of the portion of the species which is capable of spiritual advancement.

Cribb      2012

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