Love vs Sex 25

What I see when I drink beer…

I traced those soft milky curves of your shoulder and neck line over and over and over. Your blouse, teasing my eyes and my physical desire the whole damn time, as it flowed in the gentle waves of surface water, revealing, then covering, only to repeat the cycle again and again in different degrees. I followed the flow of your blouse down to your lower half; to sculpture covered, but nonetheless of undeniable beauty; an erotic smooth form of elegance. Then, came the boots…another covering, but one that arched your feet in a posture that demanded attention; demanded it. And then, back to your face, your smile, and your laughter; silliness detected, a desire to let loose and be free from all constraints. In my mesmerized mind, gentle kisses of bridled desire and impatient need yield to their hunger and thirst; those kisses sample so tenderly…so adoringly… your essence and your hopeful surrender to my reverential lust as they fall upon your soft elegant flesh. The curvatures of your face and neck become the first instinctual obsession of my mental contact with your body. But more must be had, and once those areas have been teased fervently and saturated with my intent, my exploration of your sensuality must continue as my lips slide around the back side of one of your ears and dive a little too quickly into a region that is normally veiled with soft golden ringlets…. and yes, yes, yes… eventually my lips find yours and they find them seeking mutual possession. At some point before I lose all control to my physical craving, my phantom hands that have been tenderly and playfully entwined in that mane of yours from the very beginning start to react with intuitive instinct to each and every delicate betrayal of your body… either with a slight opposing tension… or a momentary yielding… or a gentle tug, a gentle pull… to let you know… let you know… that you are mine and I know you… and I want you.        


That is truly what I saw last night as I sat drinking beer in a bar.


So what do you think I see when my gaze falls upon you? You can’t even begin to imagine…


Cribb     2012 

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