The Veterinarian – Love versus Sex 23

To care or not to care, that is the question.

It boils down to the fact that the majority of people just don’t really care and they don’t really want to care and they don’t want you telling them that they really should care. Oddly enough, it seems these same people want you to care constantly, but just to the degree of their liking, keeping it at such a distance, so that it will only impact upon them, when and to such a degree as they desire. They want to be able to draw from your caring on their need, while not having to expend the energy to reciprocate or suffer themselves from the vulnerability of loosening the bindings they have woven so thoroughly around the hostage of their heart. Why? Because it hurts to care. Because caring requires awareness. And with awareness, you may hurt more from empathy or you might just see a deplorable demon in your soul that you prefer to just keep hidden, instead of confronting with the angel you also possess. A constant stalemate of ease versus a never ending process of pain, truth, awareness, vulnerability and disappointment; such an odd path, such a strange road, such a counterintuitive journey, but yet the only way, the only obscure way to care. And there can be no love without caring. It is an impossibility. You may fool yourself for a second or a lifetime through words, actions, thoughts and deeds, but somewhere inside, somewhere silent, you know if your love is an act… or a defense mechanism… or a survival mechanism… or if your love is given freely and willingly without intent or fear. You know if caring is the core of your “love”, and if it is not, your demon grins, your angel weeps, and you know not Love as you should.

Cribb      2012

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