Veterinary Medicine and understanding the significance of the ACT in evaluating balanced healthcare for your pet

VCC grew 3.3% in 2013 (from 2012) and had an average client transaction (ACT) of $149.63. These are true, unfabricated or “unadjusted” figures and I happen to be very happy about them.

The ACT describes the average fee or price paid by all customers for each transaction. In other words, it is usually what you can expect to pay for each and every visit at your Vets. Many hospitals or individual Vets have ACTs of $200-$300. True quality medicine costs more and always will, but there should be a balance. Often, the ACT is never advertised, mentioned, or presented to customers because it is a factual indication of what your Vet actually charges everyone (it shows you the true objective pattern of charge structure relating to all clients) and most Vets want to keep that information private. By keeping the ACT private, it prevents customers from being able to understand the actual cost difference and the associated quality difference with those costs between hospitals. Also, you as a customer, can be “tricked” more easily in to spending more for your pet if you think your pet has a “special or unique” condition that requires more testing and treatment, but if you found out every other customer is also paying that “higher” figure for the same supposed reasons, it would display the truth of uneccesary upselling.

VCC will most likely increase its ACT in the next year. With normal inflation and our attempts to become a little more profitable (and we must), I expect our ACT will end up around $160-$175, but that also depends a little on client numbers/visits.

All hospitals are not the same and many have lost the perspective of a rational, balanced, synergistic, sustainable approach. This is my goal and my actions for the last 11 years have proven these words. Please spread this message to anyone you know who might be looking for a Veterinarian (even if it is not me) fighting for these ideals. Your help is sincerely appreciated.

Dr. Cribb

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