Love vs Sex 38

Since childhood Yuri Andreevich had loved the evening forest shot through with the fire of sunset. In such moments it was as if he, too, let these shafts of light pass through him. As if the living spirit streamed into his breast, crossed through his whole being, and came out under his shoulder blades as a pair of wings. That youthful archetype, which is formed in every young man for the whole of his life and serves him forever after and seems to him to be his inner face, his personality, awakened in him with its full primarily force, and transformed nature, the forest, the evening glow, and all visible things into an equally primary and all-embracing likeness of a girl. “Lara!”—closing his eyes. He half whispered or mentally addressed his whole life, the whole of God’s earth, the whole sunlit expanse spread out before him.


Doctor Zhivago

B. Pasternak       1957

For Me or For You – Part 1 (Mature w graphic sexual content sections that are mixed in with a normal story)

Tenderly and softly, almost at a whisper, I begged “I want you to cum for me…please…..I need it…I really need it…..I need you to cum…I want you to cum so badly…I want to make you cum…..cum for me…cum for me…..cum on me…take me…..take me as yours…mark me…take it from me…..please…please mark me..take it, please…I want you so bad… damn bad…so fucking bad….I want to feel you let go…..please let go…take me…take it…..let it go….give it away….give it to me…please…I want you to cum and cum and cum…..and cum for me and never ever stop. Cum for me…cum for me…..please…please…please let it go.”


 I stood alone with her in the middle of the Cohutta Wilderness area after we had climbed a 1,830 foot mountain slope together to reach our campsite and the adjacent trickling rocky creek and waterfall that also served as the most astounding overlook within the heart of that area. The tent had been placed as levelly as possible in a decent area and we had been walking around collecting firewood for a little while, attempting to outpace the dusk that was slowly creeping down upon the land, when she started screaming. My first thought was to run to her for whatever reason…run hard, fast, true…..get to her….get to her ASAP, but then, after the briefest moment, I realized she wasn’t in danger and she wasn’t just screaming…..she was fucking screaming at me…..she was screaming at me over and over and over, accusing me of wanting to fuck her best friend. Truth lost its hold on her in the middle of that paradise… was too slow, too perfect…..too quiet…..too real. Fear and paranoia would not let her rest with contentment and peace. So, after she pushed me far enough, after I dodged and gave whatever effort seemed appropriate at the time to be sensible with her, I lost control myself and returned fire, putting another regrettable nail in our eventual coffin.        

I love you Super Nerd Girl………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

The first time I saw the scars, the hash marks that covered the insides of her arms and her legs, I just wanted to cry for her…and somehow, anyhow, take every ounce of shit and pain and torture she had ever endured and swallow it inside of myself just to get it the fuck away from her. Empathy overwhelmed me so much that my circuits bogged down almost completely…..I couldn’t process such emotion, such ‘why couldn’t I have been there to protect you then?’, ‘such how the fuck, how the fuck could people let you do this to yourself?’ without inconsistencies in my normal posture and speech and thoughts. I don’t really remember that much more about it, but there was some outreach by me…..I think I tried to kiss away all of her scars…over and over…but sooner or later she became embarrassed and she raised her defenses. Instead of allowing herself to see my understanding…instead of seeing how much I was hurting with her…..instead of her perceiving in that moment that I saw her daunting fragility and awareness survive such darkness and pain by a stubborn, though dark, tenacity of incredible self-drive and self-will and self-preservation, she decided to see that I thought she was weaker than me…..she decided that I pitied her…..and then that smoldering dark demon of her survival turned on me. It slept for a while and gained what hate it could along the way and after a few minor battles over a few months, it finally finished me off as it ate my heart.                

……………………….I Queen of the Angry Birds you………………………………………………………………………………………… 

She was lying next to me in my bed and it was so hard not to touch her…so damn hard. A little taste of the sculpture of her abdominal muscles was uncovered by her slightly raised shirt, and her supple and erotic youthful skin, interrupted only by just the tiniest tease of a minute trail of ecstasy; the finest, most delicate blonde hair you could ever imagine, flowed over that sculpture so enticingly that it tempted my every thought…my every fucking word. Her body said yes, but her words had said no, and for whatever damned reason, I honored her words. I told her she could stay as long as she liked…she was safe, but then somehow, I don’t even remember how, it became obvious that her parents didn’t know where she was…..and I couldn’t help myself…my fucking honor and such. So, I pushed the point with her that I thought she should somehow let them know where she was…..because they must care about her and where she was that late at night…..and then she decided to go.

…………………………………………………I banana chocolate chip you……………………………………………………………………

“What do you think about Seth? Or maybe Wyatt?……Seth Cribb…or Wyatt…Cribb…hhhhhmmmmm…I like them both. Maybe a little cowboyish, but that’s actually pretty fucking cool. I even like Isaiah. Can you believe that?…..biblical, but I don’t really give a shit about that, it still sounds pretty badass….and for a girl…well, you already know how much I like Alma…..Alma Cribb…I know it’s weird, but I still like it. Dagny… Dagny is another one…it also has a ring to it that I like…and then even something crazy as hell might sound good…something really unusual like Yoshi….ha ha ha…..Yoshi Cribb… makes me smile and think of some super hot Asian chick. I don’t know…we could even do a western name for a girl too…huh? Why not? A little cowgirl? Dakota goes pretty well will Cribb…..Dakota Cribb…she’d be a damn spitfire for sure.   

………………………………………………………………………….I Mount Yonah you………………………………………………………………..

I stood on the side of a mountain in our campsite and wanted everything to be as perfect for her as was possible. My arms were connected to pots, pans, dishes, and a Coleman stove. They disconnected, then reconnected, then went back and forth as was needed to shuffle between cooking green chili cheese grits, bacon, and poached eggs, all at the same time. My eyes and my attention were divided even further as I tried to also nourish our fire that was starving for wood and battling a mountain gale. Here there this that and the other, my consciousness leapt for her…much, much more than any concern for myself…..and meanwhile, she just sat there drinking her warm coffee.      

…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..You are my Minnie Mouse……


To be continued….

Cribb     2014 

Love vs Sex 37

Suddenly she understood that this was not the point at all. Unable to make sense of the particulars, she grasped the main thing. She perceived that Patulya was mistaken about her attitude towards him. He did not appreciate the maternal feeling that she had mixed all her life with her tenderness towards him, and he did not perceive that such love was greater than ordinary woman’s love.   

She bit her lip, all shrunken inwardly, as if she had been beaten, and, saying nothing and silently swallowing her tears, set about preparing her husband for the road.

When he left, it seemed to her that the whole town became silent and that there was even a smaller number of crows flying in the sky. “Mistress, mistress, “ Marfutka called out to her unsuccessfully. “Mama, mama, “ Katenka prattled endlessly, tugging at her sleeve. This was the most serious defeat in her life. Her best, her brightest hopes had collapsed.     


Doctor Zhivago

B. Pasternak       1957

Love vs Sex 36

Controlling Women deceptively through Monogamy

(Note: I have minorly edited these passages to present a more concise presentation of the subject. I believe I have done so without excluding any relevent information or including any personal bias. I highly recommend that you consider reading the entire book if this subject matter captures your attention.)     


Indeed, in sheerly Darwinian terms, most men are probably better off in a monogamous system and most women worse off. This is an important point and warrants a brief illustrative detour.   

(I am skipping the illustrative example to present more relevant information in this writing, but I can provide the example to anyone interested.)

 The basic point stands: many, many women, even many women who will choose not to share a husband, have their options expanded when all women are free to share a husband. By the same token, many, many men can suffer at the hands of polygyny.

All told, then, institutionalized monogamy, though often viewed as a big victory for egalitarianism and for women, is emphatically not egalitarian in its effects on women. Polygyny would much more evenly distribute the assets of males among them. It is easy—and wise—for beautiful, vivacious wives of charming, athletic corporate titans to dismiss polygyny as a violation of the basic rights of women. But married women living in poverty—or women without a husband or child, and desirous of both—could be excused for wondering just which women’s rights are protected by monogamy. The only underprivileged citizens who should favor monogamy are men. It is what gives them access to a supply of women that would otherwise drift up the social scale.        

Monogamy is neither a minus for men collectively nor a plus for a women collectively; within both sexes, interests naturally collide. More plausibly, the grand, historic compromise was cut between more fortunate and less fortunate men. For them, the institution of monogamy does represent a genuine compromise: the most fortunate men still get the most desirable women, but they have to limit themselves to one apiece. This explanation of monogamy—as a divvying up of sexual property among men—has the virtue of consistency with the fact that opened this chapter: namely, that it is men who usually control sheerly political power, and men who, historically have cut most of the big political deals.     

The idea, rather, is that polygyny has tended to disappear in response to egalitarian values—not values of equality between the sexes, but of equality among men. And maybe “egalitarian values” is too polite a way of putting it. As political power became distributed more evenly, the hoarding of women by upper-class men simply became untenable. Few things are more anxiety-producing for an elite governing class than gobs of sex starved and childless men with at least a modicum of political power.  

This thesis only remains a thesis. But reality at least loosely fits it. Laura Betzig has shown that in preindustrial societies, extreme polygyny often goes hand in hand with extreme political hierarchy, and it reaches its zenith under the most despotic regimes. (examples excluded) It stands to reason that as political power became more widely disbursed, so did wives. And the ultimate widths are one-man-one-vote and one-man-one wife. Both characterize most of today’s industrial nations.

This Darwinian analysis of marriage complicates the choice between monogamy and polygyny. For it shows that the choice isn’t between equality and inequality. The choice is between equality among men and equality among women. A tough call.       

There are several conceivable reasons to vote for equality among men (that is monogamy). One is to dodge the wrath of the various feminists who will not be convinced that polygyny liberates downtrodden women. Another is that monogamy is the only system that, theoretically at least, can provide a mate for just about everyone. But the most powerful reason is that leaving lots of men without wives and children is not just inegalitarian; it’s dangerous.     

The ultimate source of the danger is sexual selection among males. In all cultures, men wreak more violence, including murder, than women. (Indeed, across the animal kingdom, males are the more belligerent sex, except in those species, such as phalaropes, where male parental investment is so high females can reproduce more often than males.) Even when the violence isn’t against a sexual rival, it often boils down to sexual competition.

Fortunately, male violence can be dampened by circumstance. And one circumstance is a mate. We would expect womanless men to compete with a special ferocity, and they do. An unmarried man between twenty-four and thirty-five years of age is about three times more likely to murder another male as is a married man of the same age. Some of this difference no doubt reflects the kinds of men that do and don’t get married to begin with, but “the pacifying effect of marriage” element cannot be viably denied as at least a significant component of the equation. Unmarried men are also more likely to commit the other crimes of robbery, rape, and drug/alcohol abuse.

This is perhaps the best argument for monogamous marriage, with its egalitarian effects on men: inequality among males is more socially destructive —in ways that harm women and men—than inequality among women. A polygynous nation, in which large numbers of low-income men remain mateless, is not the kind of country many of us would want to live in.

Unfortunately, this is the sort of country we already live in. The United States is no longer a nation of institutionalized monogamy. It is a nation of serial monogamy. And serial monogamy in some ways amounts to polygyny.     



The Moral Animal – Why we are the way we are: The New Science of Evolutionary Psychology

R. Wright            1994                      

CareCredit to refund $34 million

My Comment: I continue to warn everyone of the insanity of the masses perception of the current “advances and improvements” in the field of veterinary medicine. The field is losing more and more of its autonomy and decentralization, spiraling it in the previous foresaken path of failed human medicine. The primary culprit is a conglomeration of pseudo-medical parasites: pet insurance, corporate ownership entities, internet pharmacies, and financing companies. CareCredit is the primary financing institution involved. So, take a minute and look at some objective evidence about how this invasive “savior” is truly helping the masses. And yes I believe in the accountability of a customer, but these entities are all about confusing the customer or tricking them into agreeing with terms they don’t even understand. That is the bottom line with making a profit and that is all these pseudo-paramedical companies care about.        

Jeff Cribb DVM 

The article:

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau issued an order Dec. 10, 2013, for GE Capital Retail Bank and subsidiary CareCredit to refund up to $34.1 million to potentially more than 1 mil­lion consumers. These consumers signed up for CareCredit credit cards that they thought were interest-free, according to the CFPB, but the consumers actually were accruing interest that kicked in if they did not pay the full balance by the end of a promotional period.

“Deferred-interest products can be risky for consumers in the best of circumstances, and today’s action ensures that CareCredit will no longer profit from consumer confusion,” said Richard Cordray, CFPB director.

CareCredit offers personal lines of credit for health care services, including dental, cosmetic, vision, and veterinary care. Health care providers are the primary sellers of the product, and there are about 4 million active CareCredit cardholders.

About 85 percent of CareCredit borrowers are in a deferred-interest financing plan. Consumers make monthly payments while CareCredit assesses 26.99 percent annual interest on the balance throughout a promotional period from six to 24 months. If any portion of the balance has not been paid when the promotional period ends, the consumer becomes liable for all the accrued interest.

According to the CFPB order, since January 2009, consumers who signed up for the credit card frequently received an inadequate explanation of the terms. The CFPB began investigating CareCredit after receiving hundreds of complaints from consumers. The bureau found evidence of misleading enrollment processes, inadequate disclosures, and poorly trained staff in health care provider offices.

The CFPB order requires that GE Capital Retail Bank and CareCredit create a $34.1 million reimbursement fund, enhance consumer disclosures, and improve consumer experience with health care providers (see sidebar below).

CareCredit issued the following statement in response to the order:

“CareCredit consistently enjoys some of the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the industry and high repeat usage of the program, with 60 percent of transactions coming from existing cardholders. We worked cooperatively with the CFPB on this inquiry and are committed to providing more education for providers who offer our program and enhanced consumer disclosures.

 “We take our responsibility to provide an excellent experience very seriously and look forward to continuing our focus on providing access for millions of consumers to non-emergency healthcare and veterinary services across a network of 175,000 providers.”


The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau ordered GE Capital Retail Bank and subsidiary CareCredit to take the following steps to address consumer confusion about CareCredit credit cards:

•Create a $34.1 million reimbursement fund. CareCredit must notify consumers who incurred charges in connection with their credit cards that they may file a claim seeking reimbursement. An independent adjudicator will review claims.

•Enhance consumer disclosures. CareCredit must enhance disclosures to consumers during the application process and on billing statements. The company will improve descriptions of the deferred-interest product and warn consumers when the promotional period is ending. Representatives will call most consumers within 72 hours of the initial transaction to explain the product. For certain transactions of more than $1,000, consumers will enroll directly through a CareCredit representative.

•Improve consumer experience with health care providers. Health care providers who offer CareCredit cards will have to follow new transparency principles, including mandatory training for staff who market the product. Providers also will have to provide plain-language disclosure forms to ensure that consumers receive adequate information before signing up for a card.

Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association (JAVMA)

Feb 1, 2014

Love vs Sex 35

You let me violate you
You let me desecrate you
You let me penetrate you
You let me complicate you

Help me
I broke apart my insides
Help me
I’ve got no soul to sell
Help me
The only thing that works for me
Help me get away from myself

I want to fuck you like an animal
I want to feel you from the inside
I want to fuck you like an animal
My whole existence is flawed
You get me closer to god

You can have my isolation
You can have the hate that it brings
You can have my absence of faith
You can have my everything

Help me
Tear down my reason
Help me
It’s your sex I can smell
Help me
You make me perfect
Help me become somebody else

I want to fuck you like an animal
I want to feel you from the inside
I want to fuck you like an animal
My whole existence is flawed
You get me closer to god

Through every forest above the trees
Within my stomach scraped off my knees
I drink the honey inside your hive
You are the reason I stay alive



Nine Inch Nails

Love vs Sex 34

He looked as if he had just stepped out of a stream on a hot summer day, and one could almost see the sun sparkling in the drops of water on his shoulders. He moved as if his whole body were a living will, straight, arrogant, commanding, a will and a body that could never bend because both had been born without the capacity to conceive of bending.

She stood still, afraid to approach him, afraid to shatter one of the rare moments when he looked what he could have been, what he was intended to be.

He approached her and his hand closed over her throat and he jerked her head back to hold her lips to his. There was a contemptuous tenderness in his movement, and a command, and hunger; he was not a lover, but a slave owner. Her arms holding him, her mouth drinking the glistening drops on his skin, she knew the answer, the motive for all her days, for all she had to bear and forget in those days, the only motive she needed.


 We The Living

Ayn Rand   1936