The Veterinarian – Love vs Sex 12

There is an elementary sexuality which is innocent, and an elementary sexuality which is morally and aesthetically squalid. The sexuality of Eden and the sexuality of the sewer—both of them have the power to carry the individual beyond the limits of his or her insulated ego. But the second and (one would sadly guess) the commoner variety takes those who indulge in it to a lower level of sub-humanity, evokes the consciousness, and leaves the memory, of a completer alienation than does the first. Hence the perennial attraction of debauchery.

Substitutes for Liberation
Huxley     1952

Cribb comment (2012): Elementary sexuality, drugs, and herd intoxication are the three most common means of people achieving downward self-transcendence. Transcendence (not necessarily downward) is the inherent need to get away from your own Ego (self idolatry) which prevents you from accepting your connection with the infinite or god or the clear light or the totality of existence, which instinctually, you know deep down inside, that you can never escape. The goal is upward transcendence, but many choose a parallel road, and even more choose the low or the downward road.

The comment about sex mentioned above does not pertain to “making love” which I would classify as an act of reverence, appreciation, worship and upward transcendence.

Moral elementary sexuality is a mutually agreed upon act where truth is disclosed on whatever level and respect is maintained by both participants even if the act lacks the grace of worship and reverence. This is parallel transcendence.

To lie, to deceive, to cheat, to mislead, to manipulate, to debase, to corrupt; to do any of these in any shape, form or fashion, to obtain a sexual encounter is downward transcendence and debauchery as mentioned above. It would be ideal if no one would ever choose this path. But one of my original quotes that came to my mind sometime ago resurfaces in relation to this path.  

“Man did not fall from grace, he jumped.”

Addendum: “…and it is just too damn hard for man not to jump, too hard for him to try and climb and reach for the Heavens when everyone around him just keeps jumping and jumping and jumping…and laughing…and lying to themselves and everyone else. Because if you can’t find your way and you are in pain, why not pass it along, why not do unto others as you have been done to?”

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