Love vs Sex 2

We were created with sex organs and instincts, as we were also created with a mind, a soul, awareness, and an ability to love. We choose what to squander and what to nurture. We choose how to apply these gifts, every single one of them, from “god”. We are given the raw material, the “capacity”, and our will, our desire, our yearning for upward transcendence is what defines the application of sex/ making love as it also does for our mind, our soul, and our awareness. To sacrifice any of these gifts, and I do mean any, including sex/making love, is a crime against “god”. It is further removal from what is natural and one of the most spiritually fulfilling unions of intense existence that is possible when you incorporate all of these fore mentioned gifts into the process of giving yourself to another. A default or a prioritization of sex, unless mutually understood on an animalistic basis, over these other gifts, is a bastardization of your soul and a choice for downward transcendence, an excuse to abandon “capacity” and is indicative, in my opinion, of the spiritual development, or rather, the lack of development, present in an individual.

The underlying, fundamental, and quintessential question is how to love someone, and I mean devoutly and reverently and purely. Many are incapable, and even more are unable to handle the intensity. They choose a half existence, squandering their gifts, as opposed to a complete existence and the ability to truly unite on a spiritual level with another being.

I believe mundane gifts display apathy.

I believe debasing the act of making love is vile and contemptuous.

I believe nothing short of everything is enough.

To seek other alternatives to sex, to express your love can be wonderful and enlightening, but most, if not all, who cannot make love to “you”, cannot love “you” as “you” should be loved through other means.

Cribb          2012

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