Love vs Sex 1

Don’t try to make someone believe in love, it will totally fuck them up. You can make them believe in a partial love, a love that will only be fulfilled some day in the future, or a love contaminated by deceit and hypocrisy, but never try to make them believe in the pure, unadulterated, overwhelming, passion of a true love. You probably shouldn’t even mention it.

Don’t ever gaze into someone’s eyes as you softly and gently kiss them on the curves of their lips and the soft angles of their face. They will pull back and look away. Don’t ever use your body to silently and reverently, worship the person you are making love to. Don’t give them all of yourself, because they will not be able to bear it. The act will have to be cheapened for acceptance.

Grinding sex organs together is safe, worship and acceptance of that worship, is not. There can be no falling from such great heights; there must be debasement at the lowest depth. We must slaughter these bonds of spiritual union, because it is too hard to believe they might exist, too hard to conceive that we might not be in control of our heart’s deepest compulsion. We might actually attain an awareness of how rare and blissful and natural and transcendent, a union between two people can and should be.

Better by far, to glance away. Better, to not worship. Better, to cheat. Better, to fracture bonds and emotions, which could begin to form a path in the proper direction. Better, to walk away and at the same time, make sure you also convince another soul of how farcical the idea of love truly is. Look away. Turn and run, if you have any sense, and never, ever, look back.

Cribb          2012

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